Housing conditions

A magical villa with a garden in a safe and perfect location

Our new, detached building with an area of ​​over 760 m2 has been designed and built especially for the needs of the nursery.

The building meets all the strict requirements regulated by construction, sanitary and fire regulations.

For the safety of children, our kindergarten has a 24-hour monitoring system that covers the exterior of the building and its interior.

Our pupils have at their disposal:

- 5 educational rooms, which are bright, spacious, modernly furnished and fully equipped with educational aids. Both furniture and toys have all the required safety certificates. TARKET floors are made of natural materials, 73% of which are obtained from renewable sources, what is more, the floor has natural bactericidal properties, which allows you to maintain proper hygiene.

- a large sports and entertainment hall - fantastic places to exercise during corrective, dance, theater, gymnastic and sports classes. It is also a place where we organize our balls, performances and themed events, and on rainy days, we use this space to provide children with additional movement.

- a sun lounger - equipped with certified beds and lockers for personal bedding (bed linen and towels are provided by the kindergarten)

- specialist's room - a room for classes with a speech therapist and parents' meetings with a psychologist

- a professionally equipped kitchen

- a spacious dining room - intended for learning etiquette at the table from an early age

- toilets in each educational room - adapted for small children

- playground - designed especially for the needs of our kindergarten, created by people for whom safety is a priority

- a car park designed with parents' comfort in mind