Education and development

How does Dalton pedagogy guarantee our children's future success?

Children's World - a bilingual nursery and kindergarten in Konstancin is a place where we focus on the development of children at their individual pace. Therefore, in our daily work, we draw inspiration from the pedagogy of the Dalton Plan.

The Dalton plan is not only about adapting learning to the real abilities of a child, but also stimulating initiative, stimulating to discover the world or to think independently. In the spirit of the Dalton plan, from an early age children develop a sense of responsibility and a willingness to look for different solutions in order to choose the best ones. The Dalton program puts a child at the center of the learning process, making them more involved, responsible and independent.

Benefits for your child:

- individual learning
- greater initiative in action
- independent way of thinking
- searching for the best and simplest solutions
- sense of responsibility for one's own decisions and actions
- passion and commitment

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