Witamy w Świecie Dziecka – to wyjątkowe niepubliczne żłobek i przedszkole językowe w Konstancinie!

“When creating our language kindergarten, we had our son Alek in mind. We thought about the day when Alek will stay away from our care for the first time. We wanted him to spend his time in a safe and friendly place, where he would not only be happy, but also receive education at the highest level, and we would be sure that we leave him under the best, though not our care "- Aldona Wartoń, founder and owner of kindergarten, psychologist, mindfulness trainer

What is important to us and what do we follow in our daily work?

In our kindergarten and nursery, Children's World, we support children in their holistic and harmonious development. We value an individual approach to children and constant contact with parents. We have no competition, no stratification and no labeling. 

We attach great importance to emotional, intellectual, social, motor and, of course, linguistic development. In everyday work with children, we use the latest achievements of modern pedagogy and psychology.

Values ​​such as empathy, kindness, respect and mutual awareness are important to us. We try to develop in children such qualities as independence, responsibility and creativity. We strengthen self-esteem, support the search and fulfillment of passion, arouse curiosity in the world and stimulate development orientation, so as to prepare our young pupils for further happy and fulfilled life.

Modern and holistic education is provided by our unique team of teachers, who are prepared not only in terms of content, but above all, who love working with children, who are committed and creative, too.

Naszym wychowankom zapewniamy też różnorodne, ciekawe i wszechstronnie rozwijające zajęcia dodatkowe i kreatywne pomysły na spędzanie czasu.

We also provide our pupils with various, interesting and comprehensively developing additional activities and creative ideas for spending time.  We also attach great importance to healthy and tasty eating. We prepare all meals on the spot, and our seasonal menu is prepared in cooperation with nutritionists. We do not use semi-finished products, white flour, white sugar, refined salt, preservatives or flavor enhancers. We only use filtered water, we cook cold meats ourselves, we add roasted grains to our dishes, which are an excellent source of micronutrients and vitamins. We care for the immunity of our pupils by composing the menu in such a way that it warms up in winter and provides as many natural antibiotics as possible. If necessary, we also prepare an individual menu for allergy sufferers, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.

We are also distinguished by an exceptionally quiet and green location, away from the city noise. Our spacious playground in our garden provides children with the opportunity to actively and safely explore the world and have fun. The educational rooms are bright, joyful and colorful, thanks to which they stimulate the imagination of children. And our new, spacious and free-standing building, designed especially for kindergartens and nurseries, ensures the safety of children. 

The children's world nursery and kindergarten is located at 148 Ścienna Street in Bielawa (Konstancin Jeziorna). Our location guarantees quick access from the vicinity of Konstancin Jeziorna, Kabaty and Miasteczko Wilanów znajduje się przy ulicy Ściennej 148 w Bielawie (Konstancin Jeziorna). Nasza lokalizacja gwarantuje szybkie dotarcie z okolic Konstancina Jeziorna, Kabaty i Miasteczko Wilanów.

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What do we provide for our children?

1.Polish-English communication based on the principle of immersion.
Your child will naturally learn two languages ​​quickly.

In the nursery and kindergarten, apart from teachers who speak Polish, there are also teachers who speak fluent English, in which they conduct didactic activities and accompany children during games, walks and physical activities. Every day there are also language classes conducted by a native speaker with double preparation, linguistic and pedagogical (in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of National Education).

Our bilingualism program is immersive - children experience the language in real life situations, thanks to which they naturally begin to communicate also in English.

2.The education system based on the principles of Dalton pedagogy.
Your child will become even more independent and responsible, and will love working with others.

Our mission is to support children in their individual development, which is why in our daily work we draw inspiration from the pedagogy of the Dalton Plan. The Dalton plan is not only about adapting learning to the real possibilities of the child. This program has gained its popularity also thanks to methods developing independent thinking, stimulating interests and individual exploration of the world. Our education system develops in children a sense of responsibility, creativity, independence as well as the ability to quickly choose the best solutions. The Dalton program puts this child at the center of the learning process, making them more involved and motivated.

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English by immersion method

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Our Team

Our staff are comprised of creative and qualified teachers, English teachers, a team of psychologists, speech therapists and instructors of extracurricular activities. The aim of the work of the whole team is to provide care and education to children at the highest level.

  • Polish Speaking Class Teacher
  • Polish Speaking Class Teacher
  • Polish Speaking Class Teacher
  • Music and movement teacher
  • English Speaking Class Teacher
  • Polish Speaking Class Teacher
  • Polish Speaking Class Teacher
  • Polish Speaking Class Teacher
31 January 2022
Gratulujemy wszystkim, którzy wzięli udział w tygodniu łamigłówek i nagłowili się, aby znaleźć rozwiązania zadań. Bezbłędnych odpowiedzi na wszystkie zagadki udzieliły rodziny: Blanka i Marcela, Gucia i Henia.
Rozwiązania zadań wywieszone są na tablicy przy wejściu do przedszkola


26 January 2022
Dzisiejsze warsztaty w #muzeumpolin 🙂
Czy w Warszawie zawsze było tyle samochodów na ulicach? Czy sto lat temu dzieci chodziły z rodzicami do kina? O wszystkim tym opowiedział nam Felek! Razem z nim odwiedziliśmy dawną ulicę, przy której znajdowała się kawiarnia i kino. Obejrzeliśmy też krótki film – bez kolorów i głosu! Na koniec stworzyliśmy własne taśmy filmowe 🙂
21 January 2022

Nasze przedszkolaki cieszą się z nawet niewielkiej ilości śniegu! Robimy bitwy na śnieżki, bawimy się w chowanego i marzymy o większej ilości śniegu, aby ulepić bałwana 😍❄️☃️❄️

18 January 2022

Mali artyści zrobili wczoraj figurki kolorowych kotów. To dwuetapowa praca:najpierw okleiliśmy butelki kawałkami gazety i pomalowaliśmy białym podkładem, następnie malowanie farbami i odmierzanie sznurka na ogonek. Świetna zabawa i nauka🙂

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