Why us?

What do we provide for our children?

1. Polish-English communication based on the principle of immersion.
Your child will naturally learn two languages ​​quickly.

In the nursery and kindergarten, apart from teachers who speak Polish, there are also teachers who speak fluent English, in which they conduct didactic activities and accompany children during games, walks and physical activities. Every day there are also language classes conducted by a native speaker with double preparation, linguistic and pedagogical (in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of National Education).

Our bilingualism program is immersive - children experience the language in real life situations, thanks to which they naturally begin to communicate also in English.

2.The education system based on the principles of Dalton pedagogy.
Your child will become even more independent and responsible, and will love working with others.

Naszą misją jest wspieranie dzieci w ich indywidualnym rozwoju, dlatego w codziennej pracy czerpiemy inspiracje z pedagogiki planu daltońskiego. Plan daltoński to nie tylko dostosowanie nauki do rzeczywistych możliwości dziecka. Swoją popularność program ten zyskał również dzięki metodom rozwijającym samodzielne myślenie, stymulującym zainteresowania i indywidualne odkrywanie świata. Nasz system edukacji wyrabia się w dzieciach poczucie odpowiedzialności, kreatywność, samodzielnoś a także umiejętność szybkiego wyboru najlepszych rozwiązań. Program daltoński pozwala, by to dziecko stało w centrum procesu nauczania, dzięki czemu staje się bardziej zaangażowane I zmotywowane.

3. CDaily Mindfullnes classes using the Eline Snell method
Your child will gain more self-confidence, better contact with their emotions and will start to cope better with stress.

We believe that balance in a child's life is very important, so we teach how to stop for a moment in this awakened world, feel your breath and relax. Eline Snell Daily Mindfulness Classes “Attention! It works!" with a certified trainer allow our pupils to be themselves and take care of their needs, but also to be empathetic and kind to others. During our practice, we practice concentration, calm the mind and body, recognize difficult emotions, learn to listen carefully and be here and now.

Scientific research has confirmed that the practice of mindfulness has a positive effect on the development of various areas of the children's brain. It helps in stressful situations and influences the development of executive functions such as planning, organizing, finding and looking for solutions.

4.Communication without violence.
Your child will learn empathy-based communication which is a prerequisite for an informed and happy life.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a method developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, who helps shape relationships with the world without the use of violence, as well as connect with oneself and others so that inborn compassion can flourish, which in turn causes motivation to seek solutions that are beneficial to all parties. NVC communication is, in a sense, an assertive approach to the world - it assumes that I am ok and have my rights, needs, emotions, values ​​and opinions and I can express them in a direct, honest and firm way and I give the same right to others. Nonviolent Communication proposes a conscious abandonment of forcing, evaluating, comparing, pressing and replacing such actions with striving to understand the intentions of the other party, their motivations and needs in order to build a deep understanding and win for everyone involved in the communication process. The awareness that the same need can be satisfied in different ways and that we do not have to sacrifice our needs so that someone else can satisfy theirs opens us to the search for situations where the wolf is full and the sheep is whole.

Our teaching staff takes part in the Empathy Project from the Kindergarten organized by the School of Empathy-Based Communication Trainers. 

5. Holistic approach to raising children, we care not only about intellectual, emotional and motor development but also about healthy habits.
Your child will acquire healthy living and eating habits

We prepare meals using the highest quality products, choosing local, reliable suppliers. We only use filtered water and we bake our own cold cuts. Our menu is seasonal, and roasted grains are a permanent element of our dishes, which are an excellent source of micronutrients and vitamins. We care for the immunity of our pupils by composing the menu in such a way that it warms up in winter and provides a lot of natural antibiotics Our kitchen allows you to prepare healthy meals every day, also as part of a vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free diet.

Our kitchen allows you to prepare healthy meals every day, also as part of a vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free diet.

6. Children's safety and comfort, creative play and active exploring the world.
Your child will be safe under our care, away from the city noise and in contact with nature.

Our kindergarten is situated in a beautiful area, close to single-family houses. We are located in a new, spacious building, designed and built especially for the needs of kindergarten and nursery. We have 5 modern classrooms, a lounging room, a dining room, and a well-equipped sports and entertainment room. Children play on a large, green playground, and in the garden, safe devices are waiting for our pupils, designed by people for whom children's dreams are as important as the needs of their parents.

The excellent location of our nursery and kindergarten makes easy access from Konstancin - Jeziorna, the town of Wilanów, Piaseczno and Kabaty.

7. A carefully and carefully selected team of tutors, teachers and collaborators.
Your child will be happy with us and will be happy to come to us. 

Our teachers and associates have not only substantive but also practical preparation for working with children, and they do their work with joy, passion and commitment.

8. Care during the holiday period
Your child will always be able to count on our care and support.