Nursery World of Children Konstancin

Why is our bilingual nursery in Konstancin a great place for your baby?

All children over the age of one are welcome to our nursery.

In order to provide the child with a sense of security and comfort while adapting to new conditions, we encourage parents to participate in activities for some time with the child. . music, movement or improving concentration.

We know that for parents it is not only the equipment of our nursery that counts, but also the technical condition of the building. Our nursery is located in a new, detached building specially built for an educational institution for young children and meets all construction, sanitary and fire standards. And what is very important, we are kept away from the city noise, busy streets and sources of pollution.

Our playground is extremely child-friendly - sunny, wooded, covered with grass and located in our garden. The playground equipment is adapted to the age of children and has certificates required by law. Children have at their disposal: a sandbox, swings, a slide, a house and many other toys. To ensure the safety of children, the playground is fenced, locked and monitored.

The rooms in our nursery are bright, sunny and spacious, equipped with modern educational aids. Both furniture and toys have all the required safety certificates. TARKET floors are made of natural materials, 73% of which are obtained from renewable sources, and have natural bactericidal properties, which allows for proper hygiene.

Our bilingual nursery implements an original educational program, the most important assumption of which is an individual approach to each child. Therefore, we allow children to develop at their own pace.

We believe that our attentive presence is the greatest value we can give to children. Our youngest pupils experience and learn through creative play - educational, educational, music and movement, art and speech therapy games are conducted during everyday activities.

In our nursery, during classes with children, we draw inspiration from the pedagogy of the Dalton plan, the mindfulness program for children “Attention! It works ”Eline Snell and the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) program as well as empathy based communication. We create our own, original educational programs that stimulate babies to discover the world.

Our nursery with a proprietary language education program based on the principle of immersion allows even the youngest children to get used to the English language in a natural way. The language immersion method used in our facility gives spectacular results - it is considered one of the most effective methods of teaching children a foreign language.

Our teachers are distinguished not only by experience and professionalism, but also by patience and kindness. Our entire team is constantly improving their competences, giving a lot of heart to children in their daily work.

Children in our nursery are under the constant care of a speech therapist, psychologist and sensory integration therapist.

Our nursery has its own kitchen equipped with modern, professional gastronomic equipment. . The menu is prepared by a dietitian, also based on the individual expectations of parents.

Konstancin Nursery - a green garden, a safe playground and happy children!