Mindfulness for Children

How does daily mindfulness practice affect children?

Balance in children's lives is very important, and thanks to the daily practice of mindfulness, especially in our awakened world, we give children a chance to stop for a moment, feel their breath, feel their emotions and relax for a while.

In our kindergarten there are Eline Snell mindfulness classes every day, Attention! It works! conducted by a certified trainer. These activities allow children to be just themselves, but also be more attentive to others.

Scientific research has shown that the practice of mindfulness has a positive effect on the development of various areas of the children's brain.

Benefits for your child:

- helps in stressful situations

- affects the development of executive functions such as: planning, organizing, finding and looking for solutions.

- develops abstract thinking,

- increases flexibility in thinking,

- improves remembering and processing information

- increases the sense of self-control, also emotional.

More information:

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